Adelina Rexhaj 

In memory of my dear friend Ida Eikevik Mortensen, and my grandmother Solveig Lien. At that time i was in great despair, knowing that there was nothing more to do. I was in need to paint, and this became my therapy. I came to think about the painting Ophelia, by John Everett M, who encompassed both romantic and tragic elements. 

Surrounded by white jasmine flowers, symbols of life, love and continuity. Following the stream, the water of gold that lights up your way and beyond. 

The angel represent what my grandmother ment to me, and i think she was a angel indeed. Powerfull and liked by everyone she met. In fact, she was very creative and a great painter too, but she unfortunately did not have the time to follow that dream.

She wrote poems and stories for everyone, a clever mind with a loving heart. 

They both died of cancer, november 2018.  Spread the word to save lives. #sjekkdeg #fuckcancer 


Jeg vet at du skal ta livet ifra meg

Du har spredt deg i hele min kropp

Men fra meg får du ingenting mer

Du fortjener ikke mitt hat

Du fortjener ikke mine tårer

Tenk på alle menneskene du sårer

Tro det eller ei, men du har lært meg mye

Meningen med livet


Ekte verdier


Og en ting får du aldri stjele ifra meg

Min livsglede

-Ida E.M.

Bathing in Golden Water. Oil on Canvas; 120x100 cm, 2018

In memory of Ida.E.M

" I have found a

deeper understanding of life,

and i will not look at it the same way. 

It`s in my soul to create,

and my surroundings have showed me so,

to express my inner feelings through art ."

- Adelina 

" I himlens lyse hall " . Oil on Canvas ; 100x80 cm , 2018

In memory of Solveig Lien 

Himlens lyse hall

Vi atter møtes skal

i himlens lyse hall

der ingen smerte finnes mer

Venn fra fjerne og nær

di skal møtes der

Høre himlens englekor synge der sin sang med lyd fra klokkers lyse klang

- Solveig L